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We are excited to share our observations and insightful news that outline opportunities and challenges of reaching Net Zero. Our cumulative experience is devoted to reflect and highlight how industries can be decarbonized and operate on the path of achieving carbon-free economy by 2050. 


Climate change: EU emissions surpass pre-pandemic levels


‘Climate security is energy security’: Alok Sharma urges world to ‘break dependency on fossil fuels’


Climate change disrupting ‘the language of life’ across all types of ecosystems


An A-Z of sustainability terms for investors

While the principles of sustainability are fairly simple the field has become a sea of acronyms and technical terms. Here's an A-Z of key terms for investors to dip into.

Cement industry launches net-zero innovation challenge

The Global Cement and Concrete Association (GCCA) has launched its first ‘Open Challenge’ for sustainable innovation. On 10 May, it revealed the first six start-ups that will be backed by GCCA’s member companies to develop technologies aimed at decarbonising the sector by 2050.

Trailblazing’ net-zero transatlantic flight powered by cooking oil to take off in 2023

The world’s first net-zero transatlantic flight will take to the skies next year, the UK government has pledged. The UK-US flight will be powered by 100 per cent sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), a low-emissions fuel made from waste materials like used cooking oil.

Global temperature has 50/50 chance of overshooting 1.5°C by 2026, but it’s not game over for the climate yet

Climate scientists warn that warming beyond 1.5°C will have catastrophic consequences for life on Earth, bringing more drought, wildfires, extreme heat and flooding.

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